Your Invitation to join, see and participate with the world's leading makers, dealers, suppliers & manufacturers of products & services in the knife and cutlery industry.

We all have knives, and with thousands of uses this exhibition celebrates the unique high end designs, niche products & educational resources available to the commercial and domestic markets.

International cutlers exhibition

what you can expect...

International Cutlers Expo 2014 - Makers and retailers of modern commercial & fine handcrafted cutlery products

Antiques Australian Manufacturers Blacksmithing Tools Books Bush Craft Camping Products Clothing/Safety Wear Collector's Knives Commercial Catering Knives & Accessories Custom Knives Custom Making Services Demonstrations Dinnerware Education Courses Fishing/Diving Knife Products Forging Giftware Handmade Knives Home Products Hunting Knife Products International Knife Products Kitchenware Knife Art Knife Making Equipment Leather Products Martial Arts Military/Tactical Knife Products Outdoor Adventure Knife Products Regulation Advisory Sharpening Sheaths Steel Timberware Tools Tradesmen Supplies Woodwork Workshops

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